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Je vais en France! On y va!

Je voudrais pouvoir écrire tout cela en français. Mais il n’ya aucun moyen que je peux….

I am going to France. Its official, Its for sure. I’m extremely excited! But then again, I’m extremely terrified. I’m basically selling my arm and leg to do it. I have to pay rent this month..today actually..and its literally putting my bank account at 0 dollars. I still have utilities to pay this month! and then on may first, I have to pay DOUBLE rent, plus Utilities for may and june! I have NO idea how I’m going to do it. I have two old prom dresses I’d like to sell, but I haven’t found a place to sell them yet.. I could pawn my guitar..any my TV i guess…ha ha this is kind of pitiful isn’t it? I was worries about paying my car payments..but my dad said he’d pay them for april, may, and june if he could drive my jeep while I’m gone. How could I say no to that?

It’s pathetic…BUT it will be totally worth it…even if I left for france without a penny to my name, the experience will still be amazing.

If I can manage to pay my bills, theres a small list of things I’d also like to/need to buy before I go..These include:

A bathing suit (I mean, i’ll be living on the beach for 7 weeks!),
New Sunglasses
An outlet converter
A small umbrella (I had a really good one but the wind destroyed it a few weeks ago)
A few skirts for church. Is it sad that I dont own a single pair or shorts OR any skirts?? I ONLY have jeans

Thats all I can really think of right now..I’m making a list of things to pack, and i keep going back to it, crossing things off and adding new things. I’m going to pack as little as possible.

A 4 day trip to Paris

Enough about Packing..ha ha how about info on the actual program? well lets see…Its called Chez Vous. The website is http://www.chezvoussummer.com  What exactly IS chez vous? The website says:

“Chez Vous Summer! is a relational experience that helps you to really connect with French people, culture, history, faith, and daily life. Language connects us with others, reflecting our Creator’s design for relationship with Him and with those around us. But more than just “meeting new people,” Chez Vous gives depth to your new French relationships, integrating all aspects of who you are as a person — solid academics, cultural sensitivity, historical understanding, worship and service.”

Je n’ai rien d’autre à dire en ce moment … Je vais écrire plus que l’information est disponible.

Je suis très excité!!


2 thoughts on “Je vais en France! On y va!

  1. Wow dearie, sounds like a lot of worry! and Yes, the experience is DEFINITELY worth it. No Joke!
    What part of France are you going to? I went to Brittany (Bretagne– Lorient, France) It’s in the North West. 2nd largest fishing port. It rained like… all the time.
    I want to go back to France!!! Take me with youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

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