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I’ve decided that I despise growing up. I hate having responsibilities and I hate worrying about how i’m going to pay for things. I hate having to run errands and make decisions about things. But the more I think about growing up, the more I think about the things that we did as children that we can’t do now. The childhood laws that, no matter what, always stood in any situation.

#1) The ownership lick.

When we were children, we simply marked something with our spit to prove ownership. As adults, we simply prove ownership but a receipt. But as children, we lick it, whether or not its food! Once something is licked, its contaminated and no one will go near it. If you used my next rule, the rule of “called-it”, then one could simply lick the object to override that law. its almost like federal laws being more important then state laws.

#2) I “called-it”

This is almost the same as the “finders keepers” policy. If theres something you want, youd better call it so someone else doesn’t get it first. If you’re always arguing over what TV show to watch, you better call dibs on the remote, or you’re watching what the other person wants to watch. Those who ignore the called-it rule, are just douche bags

There are many other childhood rules, such as “Shotgun” and “not it”

One more thing:

Annette, you are amazing. I’m so thankful I have a friend like you. =)


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