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I wasn’t going to post this on this particular blog, but a friend that doesn’t use facebook wants to read it.

I am SO THANKFUL that I found my job at First United in Jeff city. I have never felt more accepted, more understood, or more LOVED in a church. Its an amazing feeling to walk through the door and know that no one is staring at you. No one is starting rumors. No one is putting you down. and NO ONE IS BEING FAKE.

on that note, please just let me say, SO WHAT that its a methodist church.

“Are you methodist now?” what the crap. GROW UP!

so what if I was methodist now? Whats the difference? Do you even know?! I’ll tell you this, I’ve been going/teach at a methodist church now for over 3 months and THE ONLY difference between this church and the baptist church are the people in it. And believe me thats a GREAT difference. I dont care if you’re methodist, baptist, catholic, what ever! If you love god, and if you’re BIBLICAL, it shouldn’t matter!

And for all of you people that seem to thing it DOES matter, I ask you: What was jesus? because he sure as crap wasn’t Baptist! I’d really be concerned for the church if we said that jesus was.

You know, before my parents divorced when I was 8, I grew up at NA. We were there every sunday, every wednesday…my mom sang in the choir, we were all in the easter play…and the church I remember from then, is NOT the church it is now. and thats really depressing.

From the MOMENT i walked into NA last night, to the MOMENT i pulled out of the parking lot, I was uncomfortable. I couldn’t wait to get out of there because I knew that the entire time I was there, people were talking, and people were judging! In the back of my mind I kept asking myself, “What were you thinking!” “What are you doing here?” “What are your kids doing?”

I’m seriously disturbed by whats going on in my old church. The next time you get together, and sit and put down other people in the church, please consider that those people may be going through a hard time. and rather than putting them down, and judging them, why dont you say a prayer for YOURSELF and ask for the strength NOT to treat people that way. It doesn’t matter who they are or what church they go to, Jesus loves that person. Jesus WOULDN’T do that. He’s bigger than that.


One thought on “I wasn’t going to post this on this particular blog, but a friend that doesn’t use facebook wants to read it.

  1. hmmm….. I agree.
    I attend a Southern Baptist church, and I don’t consider myself Baptist. I have also attended Free Methodist, “Northern” Baptist (a Baptist church in the north… not normal), and a few non denominational churches. I have to say that I have had the best Biblical preaching and least judgemental, and best friends at the non denominational church.
    Don’t claim titles.
    As long as they preach the bible without trying to change it, it doesn’t matter what they call themselves. (that’s that in a nutshell)

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