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Things are

going pretty great right now. =)  i’m a little bit swamped with midterms this week and next, and I have 4 major projects due: one Friday, 3 next week.  But once I can get past all this homework and examine whats happening in my life outside of school things are pretty exciting!

France is still up in the air. If i can come up with the deposit, I can go. But if it falls through, theres always next summer right? As for back up, I’m looking into camp again. I sent an application to Youth Haven again, but it was lost in the mail and I can’t help but to look at that as a sign. I loved working there last summer, and I do plan on mailing another application, but we’ll see. I’m also going to send an application to a camp in Virginia called Camp overlook. I can thank one of my favorite authors for telling me about this camp. So i’m still not sure whats going to happen this summer, But I’m sure it will be great either way

I have to send people to hell. My English class is reading the Inferno (i’m read it so many times!) and my project due friday is  creative writing project in which i choose major people to place in Dante’s Hell. Obama is going to be one of them, but I’m not sure who else I’ll choose. I’m not sadistic enough to examine peoples sins and place them in hell!

I watched Precious last night, it was pretty good.

I told myself I would have a productive day of homework, but all I’ve done today is read two books, watch Law and Order SVU, and eat. I’m going to get fat if I don’t stop this. I started a Diet with my friend Logan and i’ve been pretty good lately. I’ve actually seen a bit of improvement in the past week or so, so thats pretty great.

have a fantastic week everyone!


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