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Moving on to WordPress

I’ve kept blogs for most of my internet life, but I’ve never used WordPress. I like this layout a lot more than livejournal. So thanks to Annette for plugging me into this site. =)

I’m feeling smothered by school lately. Have you ever seen the painting of a man, struggling to hold the world above his head? Thats exactly how I feel. If I could completely depend on writing to make a living, I wouldn’t be in college. I hate school and classes and assignments and professors. Right now I’m an English Major with a license to teach 7-12, but I hate school! I have no idea why i’m getting a degree to teach english, when I loath being at a school period. If money wasn’t an option…

Carson Newman is really small. I see the same faces, the same bodies, swimming in the sea that is campus and it drives me insane. I don’t want to recognize people at every turn, I want a crowd that I can blend and hide myself in. Like now for instance, I’m sitting in the cafe, at a small table by the window. its 9:15 AM and I’m skipping my Art class. Everytime I look there’s a different person looking right at me, and i feel like I’m being dipped in mayonnaise when I make eye contact with that person. Worst of all, theres one boy that I see all over campus. Right now, he is sitting all the way across the cafe, staring at me. Everytime I look up, He’s watching. I quickly look away, almost afraid of him, and when I look back under my bangs, He’s still looking…his eyes burning holes in the top of my head. GO AWAY.

I can’t spell. When i was younger, I would leave a note for my parents or draw a picture,title it, and hang it on the fridge, and my parents would find my mistakes, circle them, correct them, and then write, “Look it up!” under the mistakes. What I never understood was why I needed to look something up if I had the answer right in front of me? Earlier, I was sitting at this same table with two friends and I had to ask how to spell breath. All of my life, Breathe and Breath have given me a world of trouble. And while I have a computer right in front of me, and I could easily look it up, I asked, aloud, how to spell it. I do the same thing with desert and dessert..but last semester one of my friends told me that dessert was “Super Sweet” and I’ve hung on to that. Its odd how we as humans can remember stupid tricks like that, but we can’t simply remember the order of letters in a word instead. Its like that rap song a few months back that spelled Independent? I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what I mean?

Speaking of words, Have you noticed lately that “whatnot” has worked its way back into everyday vocabulary? I have used this word for a few years now, but lately I’ve noticed an incredible amount of people using it as well. Its similar to the word whatever, but I feel like people have started replacing whatever with whatnot because it sound more intellectual? What doesn’t sound intellectual is the word “like.” I can’t stand listening to someone’s story when they say “like….and..like…like.” PSA PSA! if you can’t figure out a way to phrase something, just SHUT UP for a second and think about it! Don’t waste your breath and my brain cells by filling up empty spaces with empty words! It makes you sound like a valleygirl.

A few things have been on my mind lately, and I’ve been wanting to write them down. I don’t really write for anyone that reads, but I write for myself so that I can come back and visit my thoughts after I’ve grown a bit. Someone commented on my old blog on Livejournal, “Why do you even write this stuff down? No one reads it” Really? I’m pretty sure you stumbled across my blog and read SOMETHING that made you leave a comment! before I cancelled my old blog, I linked this one…so maybe I have some one out there reading me? Anyone?

1) Why are towels so big? I bought some new towels yesterday and they’re ENORMOUS! I remember when I was little and my mom used to complain about not being able to find towels that were wide enough to cover from breast to bottom, and now, I buy towels and they’re as big as robes! Do we REALLY need that much material to dry ourselves off? Its nothing but an excuse to jack up the prices, add 50 cents more of material, add 3 dollars to the price tag.

2) I wish I could be more into politics so I could disguise something that matters…but alas, I am not. I am, however, completely addicted to Youtube…almost to the point of needing rehab. I spend more time on that website than any other one, and I’m subscribed to over 45 channels. about 6 of those channels post videos daily, so when I log on at night, I spent about an hour catching up… But its a guilty pleasure that I can’t get over.

3) I decided to give up Sweets and softdrinks for Lent. Its not really because I ever celebrate Lent, and I’ve never participated in it before, but I need to fix my body. I was really skinny in august of 2007, and then I stopped caring. and I have to do something about it.

4) Did anyone head about the woman that punished her child by making him kill his hamster? Apparently this little kid came home with a failing grade on a math test, so as I punishment, his mother made him kill his hamster WITH A HAMMER. Now, the mother was charged with animal cruelty…but something about this story just cracks me up. I feel like a horrible person for finding this funny, but I can’t get that image of the little boy, from the hamsters perspective, standing over him, shaking, about to bludgeon his beloved pet with a hammer all because he got a bad grade on a math test. I bet He’ll work so hard in math for now on that he’ll grow up to be an engineer or something.

I wish I could stay and write more..but I have to leave for my French class. My professor isn’t hear today, but we still have to attend class to watch a movie in French…withEnglish subtitles. Now normally I wouldn’t mind watching a movie in French, but if there are english subtitles, I don’t actually listen to the French, I just read the story. So it feels like a waste of my time.

then again writing a blog that no one reads it probably even more of a waste of time.


2 thoughts on “Moving on to WordPress

  1. I have an incredible addiction to Craigslist. I’m not sure why. I rarely post, and don’t have any money to buy things. I just like looking at other people’s used stuff… and puppies.

    Also just thinking about you, and all the fun times when we were working with Susan.

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